What We Do

At The Road to Recovery, we are committed to providing affordable extended care sober living for men recovering from substance addiction. As a 12-Step based program, we strive to instill a set of principles by which our clients can find freedom from drugs & alcohol.

We understand that recovery goes far beyond getting clean and sober. We believe in using a structured accountability system to encourage each of our clients to take small steps each day towards regaining a sense of purpose and independence.

Who We Are


This year has brought many exciting changes for us at The Road to Recovery. While we have undergone a change in management, we are still committed to the same mission we started over 16 years ago: provide safe, affordable transitional living.

Recovery is more than just a job for us, it is a way of life. Our staff has decades of combined experience in the field of recovery. We believe in the program that has been established and are proud to continue providing affordable extended care for men in recovery.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are group homes for people new in sobriety. While less structured than residential treatment centers, sober living homes work to provide accountability for residents as they learn how to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. Many addicts enter sober living homes as a safe and structured way to transition from inpatient treatment to living independently.


The primary goal of sober living homes is to learn to live life free from drugs and alcohol. Addiction causes suffering addicts to neglect their responsibilities. Sober Living Houston expects residents to learn to be responsible for their behaviors. This means finding and maintaining employment, paying rent on time, and being a productive member of society.


While rules differ from home to home, the common rule of all sober living homes is maintaining sobriety. Upon move in, residents agree to the rules set in place. Violation of the rules results in consequences ranging from writing essays on the rule broken to increased chores to ultimately discharge from the home. These rules are in place to enable residents to learn to be responsible for themselves and be accountable for their behavior.


If you or someone you love is battling drug or alcohol addiction, sober living may be a step towards a solution. Sober living homes have been shown to be crucial in establishing long term sobriety and integrating back into society.

About the Facility

The Road to Recovery is located in a quiet neighborhood just North of downtown Houston. Our 2 acre property holds 10 houses and has a capacity of over 50 residents. To us that’s 50 men’s lives we can save from the grasp of substance abuse.

Our clients begin their journey in the main house, which has the highest level of structure and accountability. As residents progress in their recovery, they may step down to our halfway house and eventually our 3/4 house to prepare for living independently and free from drugs & alcohol.


Please call or email if you have any questions.



9400 Lomax St, Houston TX 77093